Building Foundational Training in Research Data Science - Membership

Hugh Shanahan

Royal Holloway, University of London, UK


Anelda van der Walt



Rob Quick

Indiana University


Sarah Jones


Ensuring links with FOSTER and DCC

Suchith Anand

Nottinghma University

Ensuring links with GEO.

Iryna Kuchma


Ensuring links with EIFL and FOSTER

Laura Molloy

Oxford University

Co-Chair of RDA IG on Education and Training on Handling of Research Data

Eligible to play an Early Career Researcher role here?

Solomon Mekonnen

Addis Ababa University

Is an EIFL coordinator and also involved in Open Knowledge Ethiopia

Amy Nurnbeger

Columbia University

Co-chair of RDA IG-ETHRD with Laura

Tracy Teal

Data Carpentry

Ensuring links with Data Carpentry

Jonah Duckles

Software Carpentry

Ensuring links with Software Carpentry

Ivan Girotto

ICTP, Italy

Ensuring links with ICTP and? advising on LMIC impact

Raniere Silva

Software Sustainability Institute, University of Manchester

Early career researcher. Ensuring contact with Software Carpentry training network

Louise Bezuidenhout

Exeter University, UK

Early career researcher. Providing insights on training policies for LMIC researchers.

Bianca Peterson

North West University, South Africa

Early career researcher. Providing insights on training for LMIC researchers.

Andrew Harrison

University of Essex

Co-Chair of CODATA-RDA WG on Research Data Science Summer Schools